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Public Workshops

Elevate your knowledge with Elevista

At Elevista Interactive Learning, we run interactive workshops and training programs on insurance and risk issues on a regular basis.

Our public program of events is conducted across Australia throughout the year, with classes typically limited to 25-30 students to maximise your personal learning experience. 

What's On?

Our webinar series has wrapped up for 2017 and we’re busy planning new and exciting sessions for the new year. If you have a particular topic you’d like our experts to cover in the coming series, please contact the Elevista team.

Our workshops are interactive

We specialise in delivering energising and highly informative training that encourages you to engage in the process and interact with the rest of the group.

Using the latest legal, insurance and commercial information available, our scenario-driven workshops provide a unique opportunity for you to deepen your understanding of insurance-related issues, which are often complex.

You will also learn why, how and when to apply the key legal principles involved.

An educational experience that will stick

Every Elevista workshop is educational, interactive and entertaining.  

Our method of training encourages you to relax, engage and explore.

We use an interactive learning format that immerses you in real-life examples and can include role plays, group activities and one-on-one exercises.

Our facilitators are experienced

Our facilitators are experienced and commercially astute lawyers with excellent communication skills. They are also passionate about teaching.

Even more importantly, they are skilled at breaking down and communicating complex legal and insurance concepts in a way that will broaden your understanding. At the same time, you will learn how to come up with practical work solutions.

Certified insurance professional (CIP) and continuing professional development (CPD) points

Every Elevista workshop is recognised for CIP and CPD purposes

Practical resources and support

At every Elevista event, you will:

  • Find yourself immersed in real life, case scenarios
  • Learn how (and why) to apply the latest legal, insurance and commercial knowledge on the topic
  • Work either individually or in groups to discuss, analyse and find practical solutions to key issues
  • Leave the session with workbooks, practical guides and take-home resources (notes, cheat sheets, checklists, case summaries and more)
  • Receive a certificate of attendance.

After the session, you will be welcome to contact us, at any time and at no further cost, to discuss any issues relevant to the workshop you attended.

If you can’t find a workshop near you, please get in touch. We are always happy to discuss facilitating one of our training programs for your organisation as an in-house event.

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