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In-House Training

Tailored just for you

At Elevista Interactive Learning, we specialise in designing, building and facilitating in-house training and conference presentations on insurance and risk issues.

Every year, we conduct in-house training events for a wide range of insurers, brokers and commercial businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

The secret to our success is that our in-house training programs are designed to be interactive and to specifically meet the practical learning needs of insurance, broking and risk management professionals working in the industry today.

So, whether you need a small group workshop, a series of webinars or a large conference presentation, we will work closely with you to ensure that the event we create addresses your specific educational needs.

Don’t forget that we also regularly run public workshops, which are an invaluable resource, if you have a small number of professionals who need specialised training.

How to build your in-house training module/s

Step 1: Select your mode/s of delivery

  • In-house training
  • Webinar
  • Conference presentation.

Step 2: Build your training module/s

You can either:

  • Choose one or more off-the-shelf topics from our existing range of public workshops or webinars
  • Nominate a topic where you require training and let us prepare a program with you, specifically designed to suit your requirements.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us to discuss how we can deliver an educational program that suits your requirements.

What you can expect

No boring lectures

We specialise in delivering energising and informative training that encourages participants to engage and interact as a group.

Using the latest legal, insurance and commercial information available, our scenario-driven workshops provide a unique opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding of often complex insurance-related issues.

In addition, participants will learn how to apply the key legal principles involved through practical examples and/or case studies.

Designed and priced just for you

Our programs and events are delivered in-house, to audiences of any size, and at your convenience. We work with you to adapt and develop our material so that it meets your training objectives and incorporates examples relevant to your particular business. 

We provide a fixed price quote upfront for all of our in-house events. This will reduce your costs (especially on a per capita basis).

Immediate impact

Every Elevista experience is educational, interactive and entertaining. 

Our method of training encourages participants to relax, engage and explore – using our interactive learning format that immerses you in real-life examples and incorporates group activities, workshop problems, role plays and one-on-one quizzes.

Expert facilitators

Our facilitators are experienced and commercially astute lawyers with a passion for teaching.

They are highly skilled at breaking down and communicating complex legal and insurance concepts in a way that will broaden your understanding and help you to create practical work solutions.

Certified insurance professional (CIP) and continuing professional development (CPD) points

Every Elevista workshop is recognised for CIP and CPD purposes

Practical resources and support

At every Elevista event, you will:

  • Find yourself immersed in real life, case scenarios
  • Learn how (and why) to apply the latest legal, insurance and commercial knowledge on the topic
  • Work either individually or in groups to discuss, analyse and find practical solutions to key issues
  • Leave the session with workbooks, practical guides and take-home resources (notes, cheat sheets, checklists, case summaries etc.)
  • Receive a certificate of attendance.

After the session, you will be welcome to contact us, at any time and at no further cost, to discuss any issues relevant to the workshop you attended.

Choose a topic or create your own

We have a range of existing training modules and workshop series for you to choose from or get in touch with us using the button below so that we can build an educational event just for you.

Every topic can be adapted to suit large conference presentations, small in-house training groups, webinars and more.

Cyber Cover or Cyber Confusion?

This workshop is designed for insurance, risk and business professionals who want to increase their understanding of cyber risks and the response provided by current Australian cyber insurance policies.

Using real life cyber scenarios we explore:

  • emerging risks and trends (including the latest high-profile cases)
  • the response of current cyber policies and their different 'takes' on cover
  • the breadth and limitations of cyber insurance
  • the protections these policies offer that traditional policies don't.
The art of contract review

This workshop is built upon an integrated case study where participants review the insurance and risk transfer issues contained in a hypothetical contract being negotiated by their client.

This 'review in the room' allows participants to explore and examine the often complex legal and insurance obligations undertaken or assumed in contract and their coverage consequences.

Issues addressed include:

  • the meaning of contractual indemnity clauses
  • obligations to take out insurance for others
  • cross-liability and waiver of subrogation clauses
  • "hidden" assumptions of risk and how to identify them. 
Contract Liability: Who is to blame?

This workshop explains the uncertainties and liability exposures facing principals and independent contractors, including the insurance, risk and contractual mechanisms available to mitigate those risks.

Through claims examples we explore and develop critical insights into:

  • who is a contractor and who is an employee
  • the different duties of care owed by principals, contractors and employers
  • the critical exceptions to those rules, and when they are relevant
  • what contractual and insurance terms can provide liability "protection" for principals and contractors. 
Are additional parties insureds?

Demands such as "Note my interests under your insurance policy" and "Add me as your joint insured" are common in commercial agreements, yet confusion remains about what they legally mean and if they can be achieved.

This workshop examines and explains the practicalities of aligning contractual obligations with policy coverage and the risk consequences of adding parties, including:

  • the legal meaning of common contractual terms including 'interested parties', 'additional' and 'joint insureds'
  • the Insurance Contracts Act provisions that impact added parties
  • how to effectively endorse additional parties onto an insurance policy
  • the critical insurance terms to consider when adding parties to a policy. 
Proportionate Liability: Is it all it's meant to be?

As proportionate liability regimes throughout Australia differ, it can be difficult to appreciate their application and risk consequences in certain transactions. Worse still, many don’t appreciate that just one line in a contract can completely change the risks assumed by commercial parties and potentially jeopardise their insurance.

In this workshop we explore:

  • what proportionate liability means
  • how it operates (particularly as the laws vary across the states)
  • whether its consequences can be avoided (contractually or otherwise)
  • the implications of two recent High Court decisions.
Policy Terms & Endorsements: Essential Skills for Non-Lawyers

This workshop explains and applies key insurance policy interpretation principles. Participants are immersed in the practicalities of drafting and identifying effective (and ineffective) insurance endorsements by being required to:

  • complete and submit a minimum two pre-workshop exercises (discussed and built upon during the workshop)
  • draft (in the workshop) insurance terms, exclusions and a checklist of key drafting techniques
  • identify terms that are ineffective and require amendment
  • interpret wordings and schedules. 
Inside Section 54: What every insurance professional needs to know?

Section 54 of the Insurance Contracts Act remains today one of the most innovative statutory provisions in the insurance world. Yet its complexities are not well understood.

In this workshop, we go through the front door and behind the scenes to discuss how Section 54 impacts on both underwriting and claims by examining:

  • why Section 54 was created, and how the insurance industry has responded and adapted
  • how and why the section is built to last
  • how it applies to real-life insurance disputes
  • the practical consequences of two of our latest Court decisions. 
Understanding management liability policies

The management liability policy brings together under one roof some important insurance cover, including director's and officer's liability, employment practices liability, crime and fidelity loss, and cyber risk exposure.

These policies can be complex and no two policies are the same. In this workshop, we discuss and apply the features of these policies to specific scenarios, including:

  • who and what is/is not covered
  • differences from D&O cover
  • extensions and additional benefits; standard inclusions and limits
  • general principles and pressure points.
Broadform liability policies - Unplugged!

Whether you are part of the ASX Top 100 or trading as a local café, the broadform liability  policy is an important risk management tool for business and an essential product offered by insurers.

In the workshop we place the broadform liability policy on the table, break it into parts and put it back together again. By doing so, you will better understand how each part of the policy works and how the parts work together, including:

  • who and what is covered
  • coverage clauses
  • standard exclusions and limits
  • general conditions and pressure points. 
Insurance contracts in a digital age

This workshop provides clarity on how the digital age is changing the way insurance business is conducted. We explore a number of key insurance and risk issues including:

  • how and when an online insurance contract is formed
  • whether a notice given electronically can satisfy an insurer's disclosure obligations
  • the potential impact of the storage of data and information retrieval systems on the insured's duty of disclosure
  • the importance of compliance with Australian privacy laws. 
Labouring under labour hire?

Australia's modern workforce relies heavily on labour hire. While these flexible arrangements offer significant advantages, the shift away from "traditional" employment means the undertaking of often unrecognised (and unwanted) responsibilities.

In this workshop we use case examples to explore and develop critical insights into:

  • the legalities and liabilities attaching to labour hire relationships
  • why host employers bear significant risk
  • the latest Court decisions and how they impact labour hire arrangements
  • practical strategies labour hire companies and host employers can implement to mitigate risk. 
Professional indemnity policies - Unplugged!

The claims made policy has proven to be a remarkably successful product for covering third party liability claims made against professionals.

This workshop provides you with the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and discuss:

  • specific policy wordings
  • how they operate and should operate
  • the approach the courts are taking to the construction of PI policies
  • the different types of cover being provided in the market. 

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