What is Elevista Interactive Learning? 

At Elevista Interactive Learning, we run in-house training, public workshops and webinars for insurance, broking and risk management professionals across Australia and New Zealand.

We’re different

Our approach to training is different because we believe learning can only enrich when participants engage.

We explore complex insurance-related issues in a way that ensures you get a proper understanding of the internal mechanics of the topic. Even more importantly, every session is interactive so you will benefit not just from our insights but from everyone’s experiences.

How we approach training

Our team of facilitators, who are all experienced insurance lawyers with a passion and talent for teaching, will make your learning process informative, practical and enjoyable.

Using the latest legal, insurance and commercial information, we build our sessions to maximise learning through participation, application and scenario-based exercises. Our training process provides you with the tools you need to come up with practical work solutions.

Earn professional development points

One of the benefits of attending one of our in-house training sessions, public workshops or webinars is that you can earn professional development points.

We provide ongoing support 

After attending one of our in-house training sessions, public workshops or webinars, you’re welcome to get in touch with your facilitator if you have any specific questions on the topic that you’d like to discuss further.