Mastering Insurance Aspects of Contracts


Unwinding obligations to insure, indemnities, subrogation & policy terms

Insurance and risk transfer terms are often paid the least attention when a deal is being struck.  Yet these are the very terms that can cause serious financial pain for the unwary or unwise. 

Mastering Insurance Aspects of Contracts is a full day, interactive case-study workshop devised for insurance, contract and in-house legal professionals. Designed specifically for small groups (maximum 15 per workshop) and built around an integrated case study, participants discuss and negotiate with each other specific contract and policy terms to connect the insurance and practical risk concepts involved in modern commercial transactions.

Participants involved in the ‘hypothetical’ can choose to negotiate the deal on the table from 1 of 3 different viewpoints:

  • The principal contractor
  • The contractor/contractor’s broker
  • The contractor’s insurer

Each has different stakeholder interests impacting upon their deliberations.

Key benefits

By the end of the program you will:

  • Strengthen your understanding of how contractual indemnity & ‘typical’ insurance terms work
  • Improve how you identify & discuss these terms and their impact on policy coverage
  • Optimise your recognition, negotiation and drafting skills when it comes to policy endorsement and contract terms
  • Better manage contract & insurance expectations
  • Learn how best to minimise uninsured exposures through key drafting & negotiation skills with peers

Who should attend?

This workshop is specifically designed for:

  • Insurance professionals
  • Contract managers
  • Project & risk managers
  • In-house legal counsel
  • Commercial & procurement leaders
  • Business people working in the areas of insurance & risk

How will you benefit?

This workshop goes beyond technical skills training.  It is designed to provide a unique understanding of the commercial value to be gained by maximising contractual and insurance risk relationships.

Upon completion of the workshop you will be able to identify and explain critical contractual and insurance terms and their impact on an organisation’s policy coverage. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Receiving the latest practical information & legal developments on insurance & indemnity obligations
  • Improving techniques for better managing contractual insurance expectations
  • Strengthening your appreciation for the interests & constraints of different commercial stakeholders
  • Experiential learning environment to apply knowledge & stretch your skills
  • Small groups to maximise peer interaction & focus (maximum 15 per workshop)
  • Highly experienced facilitators
  • Time spent sharing experiences & solving problems with peers
  • Ability to focus on where value can be added & created when it comes to insurance & contracts

This workshop relies heavily on discussion, interaction, demonstration and hands-on activities.  Self-assessment, pre-reading, group work and feedback are coupled with takeaway technical materials and checklists as part of this program.  Every participant will be issued a certificate of participation upon completion for professional development.

To download the program, click here.

Facilitator: Megan O'Rourke

Time: 9:00am - 4:30pm


$795 + GST

10% discount for groups of 2 or more

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea included

CIP/CPD: 6 points